About Goji Berry

Goji berry, originally known as wolf berry, has been grabbing the attention of health conscious people due to their rich nutrients and antioxidant qualities. The swift commercialization of this once little known fruit has helped skyrocket this plant into the super food category. The market for goji berries is expected to become a billion dollar business by the end of 2011.

History of Goji Berry

This berry is believed to have originated in China, which produces goji berry in large quantities even to this day. Apart from its numerous health benefits, goji berry is also used in culinary science to add taste and flavor to several dishes.

The species to which wolf berries belong can be considered as perennial plants that are woody and deciduous growing to a height of 3 m. L.chinense and L.barbarum are the shorter and taller varieties of wolfberries that are grown in the southern and northern regions of China. The fruits ripen between the months of July and October. They are bright red or orange in color and are shaped like an ellipsoid, with a depth of about 2 cm.

Goji Berry Health Benefits

• Effective antioxidant that contains specific elements that help boost your vision
• Provides a great boost to the immune system
• Effectively removes toxins from the body
• When regularly added to diet, these berries speed up weight loss
• Strengthens the metabolism
• Rich source of Vitamin E and Vitamin C and that help in improving skin health
• Helps in enhancing longevity and improves the circulation of blood